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Burning Their Crocs: That’s What People Are Doing After Company Sponsors Drag Queen Show With Children As Performers


(TownHall) Footwear company Crocs is sparking outrage for cosponsoring an upcoming RuPaul DragCon UK event, which is being advertised as open to anyone under the age of 18.

The show, which is also sponsored by BBC Three, will take place in London from Jan. 6-Jan. 8, 2023, according to The Industry.


“RuPaul’s DragCon celebrates the power of authentic self- expression, an idea that lives at the heart of our brand, and we stand with those who bravely inspire others to embrace what it means to truly Come As You Are,” said Yann Le Bozec, Crocs’ VP Marketing EMEA-LATAM & Global Lead Distributor Marketing, in a statement. “We believe that personal expression is an inherent choice and recognizing what makes each one of us unique is part of our commitment to inclusivity everywhere.”

A “kids fashion show” will also be part of the program, according to advertisements for the event.


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