Video: Disney+ ‘Star Wars’ Series Introduces ‘Nonbinary’ Character To Groom Children, Uses ‘They/Them’ Pronouns – Parents Beware!!

Disney aims to indoctrinate young children

Chesnot/Getty Images

(Daily Wire) The new Disney+ Star Wars animated series “Tales of the Empire” just introduced a nonbinary character.

Libs of TikTok shared the clip in question on X. “New Star Wars show on Disney+ ‘Tales of the Empire’ features a non-binary character that uses they/them pronouns,” the caption says. “Parents, make sure you know what your kids are watching! They’re after your kids.”

The clip is from episode five of the series, which includes six shorts. It introduces a character about to surrender to an Inquisitor (a character who hunts Jedi) before another Inquisitor, The Fourth Sister, strikes the Jedi down with a lightsaber.

“They’re still alive,” the Inquisitor says while checking the character’s heartbeat. “We need to get them to the ship. We can save them.”

The Fourth Sister replies, “Forget it. Let them die. It’s not worth the trouble.”

“They were about to surrender,” the Inquisitor argues.

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