Would You Want A Dude With A Mustache And Wearing A Dress To Greet Your Children? Woke Disney Thinks So As Conservatives Slam The Company For Its Grooming Tactics

Disney has become an ‘anti-parent’ company determined to groom and indoctrinate children into LGBTQ ideology

New York Post

(New York Post) Conservative critics are once again slamming Disney for shoving “woke” agendas down the throats of children — this time by allowing an apparently male employee to wear a costume dress and makeup.

A viral video — which has racked up nearly 7 million views on TikTok — shows the mustachioed “Fairy Godmother’s Apprentice” welcoming a young girl at Disneyland’s Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in Anaheim, California.


“So, my name is Nick, I am one of the Fairy Godmother’s Apprentices,” said the employee, who’s seen wearing blue and purple eyeshadow to match their uniform dress.

“I’m here to shop you around and make all your selections for the day.”

Kournti Farber — an influencer and mother of three who posted the original video — did not criticize the employee’s outfit, but instead applauded workers for giving her daughter an unforgettable experience at the boutique, where children between the ages of 3 and 12 can get “magical makeovers for royalty-in-training.”

However, that didn’t stop a rain of conservatives from blasting Disney.

“A man in drag is not only bizarre and inappropriate but it takes guests out of the ‘show’ – the illusion is broken. Nothing matters but the agenda and your 4 yo is a pawn they are happy to mindflay,” said conservative writer Peachy Keenan.

Video of male Disney employee in dress A video depicting a mustachioed Disneyland employee in a dress went viral on TikTok and Twitter.kourtnifaber/TikTok

Dave Rubin, the host of “The Rubin Report,” joked that the employee would be hired to work for the Biden administration by the end of the day.

“What’s particularly interesting about this is how intentional it is. This is a dude with a mustache in a dress. Not a ‘trans’ person. Think how many real girls want that job at Disney and they gave it to him for a reason…,” he added.

Brandon Morse, an editor at Red State, tweeted: “May you never suffer the same destruction of your legacy that poor Walt has.”

“This is disgusting and wrong,” tweeted Jenna Ellis, a lawyer known for working under former President Donald Trump.

Video of male Disney employee in dress Disney ditched the “Fairy Godmother In Training” title in favor of “Fairy Godmother’s Apprentices” last year to promote inclusivity.kourtnifaber/TikTok

“I remember when the ‘Disney Look’ didn’t even let women wear certain nail polish colors. Now THIS?!”

The Mouse House’s Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutiques have forgone gender norms since last summer.

In an effort to encourage inclusivity and benefit cast members who don’t necessarily identify as female, Disney ditched the “Fairy Godmother in Training” title in favor of “Fair Godmother’s Apprentices.”

“This way, cast members that might not identify as female can still be part of the process to dress up & style the children without having to refer to themselves as a female Disney character,” the corporation said at the time.

Protests outside DisneyThe Walt Disney Company is feuding with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis after it spoke out against the governor’s so-called “Don’t Say Gay” legislation.Bloomberg via Getty Images

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