Video: Japanese Startup Unveils Its ‘Hoverbike’ That Can Fly at 62 Mph – Can Be Yours For A Mere $680,000

Ushering in the next generation of mobility


Still think flying motorbikes are a thing of the distant future? Think again.

For those who can afford it, that’s what 2022 has in store: A.L.I. Technologies, a Japan-based startup backed by soccer player Keisuke Honda as well as heavyweights like Mitsubishi Electric and Kyocera, has unveiled its hoverbike, which it envisions as the future mode of transportation. And it wants to persuade wealthy customers to trade in their supercar for the $680,000 (77.7 million yen) hoverbike, which went on sale on October 26.


In a scene straight out of a science fiction film, the startup recently demonstrated the vehicle on a Tokyo racing track near Mount Fuji and showed off its aerial moves.

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