FYI: Here Are The Top Dog Names Of 2022

What Is the Number One Dog Name of 2022?

(Rover) Your dog’s name is more than just what you call them. A name has significant meaning, and the names we choose for our dogs often reflect the things that matter most to us. Whether they showcase our passions and interests or reflect what’s happening in the world around us, 2022 saw a lot of new dogs, and (unsurprisingly) a lot of new dog names.

To better understand the meaning behind these names, and what they can tell us about the people, places, and stories that defined the past year, we dove deep into the Rover database of over a million pet parents to determine the most popular dog names of 2022.


In honor of our 10th year reporting on pet names, we’ve uncovered everything from ever-popular dog names to the most popular dog names by state, as well as how dog names have trended over the last decade. Let’s dig in!

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