‘Died Suddenly’-Nope, Not The Documentary, But A Belgian Soccer Goalie That Dropped Dead Moments After Saving A Penalty Kick

Arne Espeel, 25, a goalkeeper for Winkel Sport B, collapsed and died just after saving a penalty


(OutKick) A Belgian soccer goalie, Arne Espeel, has died after collapsing on the pitch, just moments after saving a penalty. He was just 25 years old.

Espeel was the goalkeeper for Winkel Sport B which was playing a second provincial division of West Brabant match against Westrozebeke on Sunday. Early in the second half, the referee awarded Westrozebeke a penalty kick.


The Brussels Times reports that Espeel made the save, but then collapsed on the pitch. The match was stopped and paramedics immediately rushed to his aid. They reportedly tried to revive the goalkeeper for half an hour, though they were ultimately unsuccessful.

Emergency personnel rushed Espeel to the hospital. There, doctors officially pronounced him dead. According to reports, an autopsy was scheduled for Monday, but the results have not yet been announced.

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