NFL Players Sound Off Of On Leagues New COVID Policy – ‘This Is Crazy’

The NFL can’t seem to get much right these days

Cole Beasley - Credit: Ralph Freso/Getty Images


The NFL has made it very clear to their players — receive the vaccine, or you’re not going to have a very enjoyable 2021 season.

On Wednesday, the league released their protocols for training camps and the 2021 NFL preseason. For players who have been fully vaccinated, nearly all restrictions have been relaxed.

Masks and daily testing will no longer be required, travel restrictions have been lifted, they will be allowed to eat in the cafeteria with other vaccinated individuals, and no restrictions will be placed on social/media/marketing/sponsorship opportunities, among other things.

For players who have not received the vaccine or are yet to be fully vaccinated, life in the NFL will be vastly different.

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