Racist Decision: WNBA’s Caitlin Clark Snubbed For Olympic Team, Instead Choosing An Anti-American, Druggie Who Refused To Stand For National Anthem


(BPR) Winning the gold for America has taken a back seat to the Caitlin Clark hatefest with it being reported that the WNBA’s most unappreciated superstar was snubbed for the summer Olympics.

When the U.S. women’s basketball team takes the court for the Paris games later this summer, it will be minus the most dynamic young player in the game, the former NCAA wunderkind who has received a rude welcome since turning pro, primarily because she’s white and not a lesbian.

On Saturday, multiple media outlets reported that the 22-year-old Indiana Fever guard won’t be included on Team USA’s 12-person roster, a stunning slight but par for the course with the Olympics now being just another venue for grandstanding activists to promote their anti-American, far-left ideology.

An excuse is already out there that the reason Clark was left off is because “she wasn’t able to make the national training camp in Cleveland after she was invited because she was leading Iowa to the Final Four,” according to “woke” sports outlet ESPN.

In place of Clark – who has been battered and mistreated on and off the court during her fledgling WNBA career – will be tattooed, anti-American lesbian doper Brittney Griner who famously spent time in a Russian prison after violating the country’s anti-drug laws in 2022.

Before getting busted at the Moscow airport, Griner was one of the players who participated in protests of the National Anthem and also expressed anti-American sentiment. She was freed in 2022 after one of the most lopsided trades in history when President Joe Biden swapped her for notorious Russian arms dealer and terrorist Viktor Bout aka the “Merchant of Death.”

It will be Griner’s first trip abroad since she was sprung from Russian jail.

There was once a time when American pride of being the best you can be on the world stage was a given, now Team USA will feature a woman who wore her contempt for her country like a badge of honor, will she lead her teammates in another protest of the flag in Paris?

Reactions poured in like Clark raining down buckets from three-point territory, with X users expressing incredulity and anger that the generational talent wasn’t deemed worthy of a spot on the team.

The Olympics snub is “the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard,” said Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy in a video rant.

“How dumb are these people?” Portnoy asked. “Never complain about women salaries ever again. Make that team fly commercial. Unreal dumb.”

“I’d rather watch grass grow, I’d rather watch paint dry. I’d rather watch dirt just be moved around because Caitlin Clark is not on the team,” he added. “If she’s there, it’s appointment TV. You people, whoever did this, take your brain, put it in a museum and study it for how dumb you are.”

Jason Whitlock of “Fearless” summed it up perfectly.

“Women’s basketball decision-makers are not dumb. They’ve been bullied by the BLM-LGBTQIA+Silent P Alphabet Mafia bigots. Same cowardice that built George Floyd statues, turned Juneteenth into a federal holiday, codified same-sex marriage, allows ‘kid-friendly’ drag shows, let ‘Lia Thomas’ swim… They keep making offers we don’t refuse. The Mafia hates Cait. She refuses to publicly worship the Yas Queens and doesn’t scissor, so she sleeps with the fishes,” the acclaimed sportswriter posted on X.

“They/Thems Hate Cait,” Whitlock added. “End of story.”

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