Shameful: Blue Jay Pitcher Anthony Bass Came Out Swinging Against Bud Light And Target Then Bowed To Pressure By Putting His Tail Between His Legs And Apologizing

As one social media user put it: ‘looks like Anthony Bass just joined Jack Del Rio and Drew Brees on the ‘I have no balls’ List of Shame’


(Not The Bee) Good news everyone! Anthony Bass now loves Big Brother.

On Monday, the pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays shared a couple of posts on his Instagram story encouraging people to boycott Bud Light for partnering with Dylan Mulvaney and Target for helping to trans the kids in partnership with a satanist.


It wasn’t even making fun of Target or Bud Light. It was a video sharing the reasons Christians should oppose those companies. You can watch the reel Bass shared here.

Then, on Tuesday, Bass issued this public statement:


This is what a defeated and crushed man looks like.

On Monday, he had a free thought and shared his honest opinion that put him in line with a majority of people.

But by Tuesday night, he had done a complete 180º, recanted his politically “incorrect” opinion, and submitted himself to reeducation through his employer’s HR resources. He also had to confess his sin (this is a cult, y’all) of not supporting transing babies in front of his teammates (!!), just in case any of them would dare to think for themselves.


This was a public Maoist struggle session that an MLB player was forced into because he didn’t believe what everyone told him he has to believe.

This is a shell of a man. Completely crushed.

The reactions are a sight to behold. People are SO disappointed in Bass’s lack of courage.

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