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Video: Kansas City Chiefs Use Wild ‘Ring Around The Rosie’ Huddle That Resulted In Touchdown – Unfortunately A Penalty Nullified The Score


(OutKick) The Kansas City Chiefs must have the most fun of any team in the league.

With Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce and Andy Reid (reminder, they had Tyreek Hill for a few years, too), how could they not?


But, somehow, they keep pulling out new tricks.

The Chiefs have used some funky formations and play design, but perhaps none have matched what they did Saturday against the Las Vegas Raiders.

While in the huddle in the second quarter, the Chiefs looked like they played a game of “Ring Around the Rosie.” Then they broke out of the huddle in some new version of a wildcat they probably invented this week.

Jerick McKinnon took the direct snap, then pitched it right to Mahomes. The quarterback then looked left and found Kadarius Toney, who broke a tackle and scored a touchdown.


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