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An Evil Company: Anti-Free Speech ‘Eventbrite’ Blocks Event For Parents Wanting To Protect Their Children From Child Groomers

EventBrite continues to cancel and censor events that don’t fit with its woke ideology, this time against the ‘Parents on Patrol’ organization

The Post Millennial

(PM.) On January 26th the Parents on Patrol organization hosted a panel discussion called “Stolen Innocence, a panel on the insidious ideology infecting your children’s education.” On January 30th the organizers received notification from Eventbrite that the event violates their “community guidelines and terms of service,” specifically their policy on “hateful, dangerous, and violent content events.”

While this notice came after the event, it still caused issues for the organizers trying to get the list of attendees and the money raised. This also places a strike on the organizers’ account, which Eventbright stated could be terminated with “repeated violations.”


The diverse panel featured Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Dr. Sheila Furey, Attorney Corey Brewer, self-described radical feminist and cofounder for Partners for Ethical Care Jeannette Cooper, Detransioner Chloe Cole, Trans content creator Sara Higdon (me), and the Emcee and representative for Parents on Patrol was Alexandra Schweitzer. Gays Against Groomers founder Jaimee Michell was scheduled, but was unable to attend.


Schweitzer said in a statement to the Post Millennial, “the intent of the panel was to bring together people from different backgrounds who all had one common goal, to protect children. The mere fact we are being canceled for unfounded reasons means that we have struck a chord in the grooming community, and we look forward to hosting more of these important, peaceful, educational events.”

Eventbright’s Twitter profile reads “A global platform that allows anyone to create, share, find and attend events…,” though this is not the first time Eventbrite has taken down events that have to do with this subject matter.

In September 2022 it was revealed that they had been taking down any screening of Daily Wire host Matt Walsh’s documentary “What is a Woman?,” including an event that again featured Dr. Furey, and Sara Higdon.

On Friday morning Higdon tweeted out“@eventbright This is the second time you have done this to an event that I took part in! Seriously, I’m starting to think you have something against trans people who don’t fall in line.”

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