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‘Jeremy’s Chocolate’ Sells More Than 200,000 Chocolate Bars In Just Over 24 Hours In Response To Hersheys Woke Stunt – Order At

The Daily Wire

(Daily Wire) Jeremy’s Chocolate, the new business line founded by Daily Wire co-CEO Jeremy Boreing in response to a woke stunt by Hershey’s, has sold 200,000 non-woke candy bars in just over 24 hours from when it was launched.

The chocolate bars, which come in two varieties, were created after Hershey’s rolled out an International Women’s Day marketing campaign that featured a man who identifies as a woman as one of its spokespersons. Boreing promptly entered the chocolate business, and, in a rebuke of Hershey’s, made clear The Daily Wire would not compromise on the definition of womanhood.


“Fine, I’ll do it,” Boreing tweeted. “Introducing Jeremy’s Chocolate. Yes, it’s real. We have two kinds: HeHim and SheHer. One of them has nuts. If you need me to tell you which one, keep buying Hershey’s. But if you know what a woman is and love chocolate, go to:”


The Daily Wire has built a reputation for big responses to woke corporations and institutions. In January 2021, the company signed Gina Carano to produce and star in “Terror on the Prairie” after she was canceled by Disney. And in March of last year, Boreing launched Jeremy’s Razors in response to Harry’s Razors publicly declaring they would pull ads from The Daily Wire in response to a Daily Wire host articulating traditional views on gender.

“The people asked and we answered,” Boreing said. “Thanks to Jeremy’s Chocolate, you can stop eating chocolate that hates you. Harry’s Razors hates you; Disney hates you; and now Hershey’s hates you. As long as corporations and institutions across America continue to alienate half the country, The Daily Wire will continue building alternatives. Stop giving your money to woke chocolate companies that hate you.”

Boreing previously revealed that more than 100,000 chocolate bars had been sold in the first 12 hours of launch.


The Daily Wire also published an ad for Jeremy’s Chocolate featuring Boreing and Daily Wire hosts Brett Cooper and Michael Knowles.


“22 hours ago the Hershey Chocolate company used a trans person in an ad… less than a day later the Daily Wire launched their own chocolate company,” radio host Kenny Webster wondered. “Did… did they know ahead of time about the ad?”

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