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Promoting Hate: Amazon & Etsy Accused Of Selling Pro-Hamas Merchandise

(100percentFedUp) When it comes to making money, many retail outlets seem to be perfectly fine adopting a ‘no shame’ mentality.

Online marketplaces Amazon and Etsy are being accused of doing just that.


Both are facing backlash over what many are calling ‘pro-Hamas’ merchandise.

Critics claim that Amazon and Etsy are selling products that “glorify hatred against Israel and the Jew.”

Etsy was previously selling green headbands that featured a striking resemblance to ones worn by Hamas terrorists.

They have since removed the headbands due to the criticism.

However, they are still selling clothing featuring the slogan ‘Make Israel Palestine Again.’

Over at Amazon, clothing with the slogan ‘From The River To The Sea, Palestine Will Be Free’ is still being sold.

Daily Mail has details:

The article continues:


The Jewish Chronicle has more:

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