‘Quiet Quitting’: It’s A New Trend Of Doing Bare Minimum Work And Gen Z’s Are At The Heart Of It

Nearly 1/4 of Americans are doing it, contributing to inflation and layoffs

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(PM.) On July 25th, a man posted a video of himself on TikTok lazily slumped in a subway station, masked, as he began to speak on “quiet quitting,” an old-is-new excuse to rationalize accomplishing the bare minimum at a person’s place of employment. It’s catching on with Gen Zers and it’s also contributing to inflation and layoffs.

With a voice reflecting his flaccid posture, TikTok user zaidleppelin said, “I recently learned about this term called ‘quiet quitting’ where you’re not outright quitting your job but you’re quitting the idea of going above and beyond. You’re still performing your duties but you’re no longer subscribing to the hustle culture mentality that work has to be your life.”


According to a Resume Builder survey, 21 percent of Americans are ‘quiet quitting.’

NPR reports that media consultant and Substack writer Ed Zitron believes the term has been born into reality because American companies exploit their employees’ labor.

Zitron said, “The term ‘quiet quitting’ is so offensive, because it suggests that people that do their work have somehow quit their job, framing workers as some sort of villain in an equation where they’re doing exactly what they were told.”

Examples of quiet quitters include Daniella Flores, a former IT worker at a financial company. According to CNBC, Flores goes by “they/them” pronouns and “quiet quit” in June of 2021, only to then outright quit to pursue blogging more and to find unspecific creative endeavors.

In the original TikTik, quiet quitter zaidleppelin spent his newly gained leisure time trying to touch bubbles made from a children’s bubble toy.

Yahoo News reports on a quiet quitter, TikTok user millenialmsfrizz, who said she has no intention of taking on any “extra responsibility without extra compensation.” She’s a teacher.

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