Rumble Partners With Payment Processor, Dan Bongino Startup ‘Parallel Economy’ To Ensure An Economy “Free From Discrimination”

“Our mission is to eliminate every chokepoint and backdoor to cancel companies like Rumble and our creators,” Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski said

Credit: Reclaim The Net


Free speech video sharing platform Rumble has invested in a new “censor-resistant” payment processor, Parallel Economy, to continue its mission of building “the rails and independent infrastructure for a digital economy immune from cancel culture.”

Parallel Economy will become Rumble’s preferred payment processor and all of the users of Rumble and Locals, a community generation platform that’s owned by Rumble, will be encouraged to use Parallel Economy.

Parallel Economy was founded in 2021 by conservative commentator Dan Bongino and angel investor Jeffrey Wernick. The company describes itself as “the new standard in digital payments” and says it’s committed to “committed to fighting for a free, fair, and open internet.”

It also cites the “tech tyrants” that have “hijacked our economy though the digitization of our world” as the motivation for “building a censor-resistant ecosystem” that allows money to “flow seamlessly” and without friction.”

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