Time To Shut Up!! Anheuser-Busch Blasted For Latest Ad That Patronizes It’s Former Customer Base, Forced To Turn Off YouTube Comments Over Backlash

Beer drinkers don’t want to be associated with a dude who parades as a woman

(Western Journal) Anheuser-Busch resorted to patronizing its former customer base in a new ad that was so thoroughly panned by viewers that the company has blocked anyone from commenting on it on YouTube.

These are the same geniuses who thought loyal and working-class Bud Light drinkers would be thrilled to find their drink of choice was suddenly being represented by a man who had spent a year cosplaying as a woman.


Bud Light partnered up with transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney to celebrate his “girlhood,” and the rest is history.

A boycott has cost the company untold sales as people finally said they had had enough of companies attempting to normalize tearing the fabric of society apart.

Budweiser was once affiliated with American pride and Clydesdales, whereas now it is associated with mutilating the bodies of children and glittered 5 o’clock shadows.

Bud Light now represents blue-collar beer drinkers about as well as Mulvaney represents Christian women.

A corporate sponsorship born in hell has led to a reckoning for Anheuser-Busch, and the company is feeling the wrath of people who don’t want the left’s gender agenda shoved in their faces.

While Anheuser-Busch has not apologized for tanking its brand and insulting women by pretending Mulvaney is one of them, it is apparent a boycott of Bud Light by conservatives is working.

Not only are sales reportedly down, but Bud Light released a new ad over the weekend that was an obvious attempt at changing the conversation.

The problem was, the ad was a monstrosity of pandering to people who are all too often labeled by the country’s out-of-touch business class as morally and intellectually inferior to the country’s deranged left.

The 30-second spot featured four young people — some of them wearing denim — opening up cans of Bud Light in the rain.

Other people in the background were carefully costumed in Country and Western attire as Anheuser-Busch hit the play button on the 2008 hit country song “Chicken Fried” by the Zac Brown Band.

The ad is a slap in the face to conservatives and is nothing but another display of how out of sync Anheuser-Busch’s corporate marketing department is with people who up until a month ago might have been likely to buy its beer.

Apparently, the company views conservatives as so dim-witted and simple that it thought it could get them back as customers by reminding them that weekends can be liberating and that chicken when prepared properly is tasty.

Someone at the Anheuser-Busch must have issued a very clear edict: Release the fried chicken song to appease the idiots.

People are not allowed to comment on the company’s new video on YouTube as the comments section has been disabled.

But many of them took to Twitter to call out Bud Light again for slighting them:


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