What Does The Face Of A Boycott Look Like? Ask Anheuser-Busch, Nike And Now Maybelline As Twitter Erupts With #BoycottMaybelline

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(Daily Wire) Social media users on Twitter got the hashtag #BoycottMaybellinetrending on Tuesday over the cosmetic brand’s partnership with biological male transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney.

In March, Mulvaney posted a video on TikTok applying Maybelline makeup and announcing that the social media influencer was “getting glam,” CBS reported.


Calls to boycott the makeup company come following a similar campaign against Anheuser-Busch after it confirmed a partnership with Mulvaney.

One account on Twitter posted, “The latest fools to employ Dylan Mulvaney is makeup company. Get woke, go broke.”

Another user tweeted, “Hey [Maybelline] Women have fought for years to get to where we are, women’s rights are being taking back by these men, and you support it. Please all of us born women let’s [boycottmaybelline].”


While another posted, “Ok ladies, now ⁦[Maybelline] is partnering with the degradation of women. [BoycottMaybelline].”


Yet another user tweeted, “Boycott maybeline (sic) products please. Like other woke entities, they no longer are focused on women. Colour me Trans. It’s a NO from me.”


On Monday, reports surfaced that Bud Light had seen sales plummet by 17 percent since the Mulvaney partnership.

Country stars like John Rich, Travis Tritt, and Kid Rock made headlines when they announced they were done with the brand over the Mulvaney controversy.

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