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Video: Newly Leaked Video Shows Anheuser-Busch’s Parent Company AB InBev Vowing To Purge White Employees In Order To Be ‘More Inclusive’

Another reason for conservatives to shun Anheuser-Busch completely

AB InBev, the parent company to Anheuser-Busch, has gone off the deep end with its woke DEI initiatives.

In the video below, an AB InBev employee states, ‘We’re still 40 percent women, and 60 percent men, still predominantly white – so there’s still work to be done.’


Not to be outdone by the employee, Anheuser-Busch European Diversity and Inclusion Manager Lara Laila Gärber states that ‘At AB InBev, what we wanted to do is ensure that diversity and inclusion is fully integrated in our business strategy.’

For those that can’t read between the line, she’s basically saying discrimination will be in full force and practice in order to fulfill their diversity initiatives.

Watch below”

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