Dave Rubin Interview: Dr. Jordan Peterson Caves To The Left By Accepting Homosexual Marriage And Parenting

Rubin is a gay conservative who regularly calls out the woke left

Dr. Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin Screenshot/YouTube

This is the seventh in an ongoing series on the problematic rise of LGBT influence in conservative and GOP circles. The first six commentaries can be found here, here, here, here, here, and here.  

(LifeSiteNews) A recent podcast discussion between Dr. Jordan Peterson and ‘married’ homosexual Dave Rubin titled “Gay Parenting: Promise and Pitfalls” further demonstrates that homosexuality and homosexual marriage have conquered nearly all conservative elites.


Just seven years and one week since the U.S. released its decision in the Obergefell same-sex ‘marriage’ case, the impulse among high profile conservative thinkers and opinionators is not to preserve the immutable definition of marriage, but to justify mutilating it to include two men or two women as “married.”   

“This is a political issue. We’re trying to sketch out a pathway … I mean, our culture appears to have decided that gay marriage has become part of the structure of marriage itself,” Peterson stated at the outset of the hour and a half discussion, waving an enormous white flag of surrender.   

Paraphrasing Peterson, Rubin said that “for most people, to live a fully actualized life, being a parent is an integral part of that. There are almost no exceptions to that.” 

Peterson and Rubin indicted themselves out of the starting gate with that statement because they ignore that, for a child to have a fully actualized life, having both a mom and a dad is an integral part of being a son or daughter. 

Peterson casually tossed the definition of marriage into the dustbin of history, claiming that “Marriage is the union of two people,” not the union of a man and a woman. He nonchalantly trashed civilization’s understanding of nature and biology and the understanding of every society and religion around the world for thousands of years.    

Why? Because after working closely with ‘homosexual-married’ Rubin for several years, Peterson has allowed Rubin to insinuate himself into Peterson’s life and alter his normally sound thinking.  Gaycons (gay conservatives) Douglas Murray, Peter Thiel, and others have done something similar, leading conservative elites to embrace and promote what was unimaginable even a few years ago.   

We now have a class of cowardly, unserious, easily-swayed academics, thinkers, and opinionators blithely sacrificing children and the meaning of marriage on the twin altars of the sexual revolution and political correctness.

Calling out wokeness while surrendering to it 

Rubin and Peterson have attained fame by calling out the worst of wokeness, yet here they are loudly and publicly surrendering to it.  

Gays who seek children to adorn their lives choose to abandon women completely when it comes to the one, central biological truth that requires a wonderful level of intimacy: conception. The two sexes become one, literally forming a single life-producing organism.   

Instead, gays have found ways through medical science to declare themselves independent of the sex that unnerves them so. Women are objects of scorn and ridicule, not love or relationships.   

Peterson speaks of the necessity of three components—job/career, intimate relationships, and parenting—in order to attain “full actualization.”  But here, sitting in front of Dave Rubin, he promotes the adolescent fantasy of a male “marrying” another male, abdicating manhood.   

In deference to his friend Rubin, Dr. Peterson accepts genderless, anti-complementary, anti-conjugal progressive ideology. He now promotes a culture of emasculation, a culture shown in spectacular fashion at last fall’s National Conservatism Conference (Nat Con 2), where national conservative intellectuals were silent on homosexuality and same-sex ‘marriage.’  

The post-Obergefell world in which we now live, where culture-changing new rights and laws have been pulled from the penumbra surrounding the Constitution, demands that we all also now live our lives within a penumbra-like world of twilight and shadow. As such, Peterson and Rubin have both been lulled, enticed into that shadowland.   





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