Propaganda Alert!! Bill Gates Wants To Put Out ‘Misinformation’ To Quash ‘Vaccine Misinformation’ On Social Media

Gates says he wants to put out good messages from people ‘he’ trusts, yet falsely claims vaccines don’t kill people

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Billionaire Bill Gates has announced that he plans to create a new unit, hiring 3,000 people to take to social media, put out messaging, and “help propagate accurate vaccine information in the future,” CNBC reported. 

Gates wants social media to be a place with “good messages” from “people of trust in the community, such as political and ethnic leaders.”

Gates made the statements when being asked about Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter and the future of free speech on the platform.

During the Wall Street Journal’s CEO Summit, the Microsoft founder said Elon Musk could make Twitter worse. While the Tesla CEO is a free speech absolutist, Gates has called for more censorship.

Gates acknowledged that Musk has done a great job with his other companies, SpaceX and Tesla. But he is not confident Musk will do the same with Twitter.

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