Quack Quack: Former Surgeon General Jerome Adams Makes Excuses For His ‘Friend’ Dr. Fauci Catching COVID, Talks Out Of Both Sides Of His Mouth

Adams suggested it was ‘others’ being careless around a ‘fully vaccinated’ Dr. Fauci. Neither of them will admit that COVID vaccines don’t work when they are living proof

Elijah Nouvelage/Bloomberg via Getty Images

(DailyWire) Former Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams suggested on Thursday that Dr. Anthony Fauci — President Joe Biden’s Chief Medical Adviser — could have come down with COVID because the people around him had been less cautious than he was.

Adams, who served as Surgeon General under former President Donald Trump, was responding to the news that Fauci, 81, had tested positive for COVID on Wednesday and was experiencing mild symptoms.


“Thoughts on Dr. Fauci’s #COVID19 diagnosis,” Adams tweeted. “1) It shows no matter how cautious you are, you remain at the mercy of others actions / uncontrolled spread- but, 2) Also shows you can go 2 years without covid/ repeat covid IF you take reasonable precautions. Get well soon, friend!”

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