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Fauci Got A Dose Of His Own Medicine With His COVID Treatment And It Didn’t Go Well

Not only did being fully vaccinated and boosted prevent him from getting COVID, but taking Pfizers Paxlovid caused a reinfection

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(PJ Media) On June 15, Dr. Anthony Fauci announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19. It was a long time coming since nearly everyone around him in the White House has tested positive at least once. In fact, the number of high-profile people with repeated infections is rising — former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Prince Charles, to name a few. Of course, what they all had in common was every single COVID jab available to them.

Fauci was no exception. When he provided an update on his condition during a conference call on June 23, he said, “I had one day of symptomatology. I started on Wednesday on Paxlovid. And I was on Paxlovid for five days. And I have now finished Paxlovid, and I am still feeling really quite fine.”

Then he gave the obligatory nod to the treatments he has advocated and even supported mandating for others. “I think I am an example, given my age, of what we’re all talking about today. I am vaccinated. I am doubly boosted. And I believe if that were not the case, I very likely would not be talking to you looking as well as I look, I think.” In reality, he has no way of knowing that, and there is no science to back it up. Still, seven days after a positive test, he appeared symptom-free and participated in a meeting.

On June 28, in another interview, Fauci disclosed that he had a positive antigen test four days after finishing the course of Paxlovid. For the three days prior, his tests were negative. “So it was sort of what people are referring to as a Paxlovid rebound. Then over the next day or so, I started to feel really poorly. Much worse than in the first go around,” Fauci admitted. Then he shared he was back on Paxlovid since it worked so well the first time.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra seemed to suffer from the same rebound after taking Paxlovid. Pfizer claimed this happened in the treatment and placebo groups during the trial. Rebound infections have not been reported anywhere in the research before Paxlovid.

On June 15, the same day Fauci announced testing positive, Pfizer stopped its enrollment in the EPIC-SR trial evaluating Paxlovid’s effect on patients with average risk.

This withdrawal happed after Pfizer admitted that Paxlovid does not work to prevent COVID-19 in exposed patients. Now, an NIH study at Brigham Women’s Hospital in Boston shows Paxlovid’s efficacy has been cut in half:

Paxlovid is the medication President Biden touted in his “Test and Treat” program. Individuals could test and immediately receive the anti-viral medication in some locations. Biden announced this program months after his administration limited the availability of monoclonal antibodies (MAs), which were used in similar test and treat programs in Florida and some other states.

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