This Biohacker Is 61 But Has The Body Of A 38-Year-Old — Here’s How He Biohacked The Aging Process

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(New York Post) This budding Benjamin Button is spilling his secrets.

A 61-year-old who brags that he has a biological age of just under 38 is revealing how he’s hacked the aging process.

Dave Pascoe, who hails from Michigan, is a retired network security engineer who is now a "full-time biohacker," devoted to turning back his genetic clock.
Dave Pascoe, who hails from Michigan, is a retired network-security engineer who is now a “full-time biohacker,” devoted to turning back his genetic clock. Courtesy Dave Pascoe

On his website, the age-defying singleton shares his elaborate exercise and diet plans, claiming that he takes a whopping 158 supplements per day.

“I don’t desire my healthspan to expire before my lifespan,” Pascoe has proclaimed.

“My aim is to make them as equal as possible. My expectation is to live at the very least to the age of 95 in terrific shape … if not well past the age of 110, God willing.”Next up, Pascoe seeks some sun exposure, getting outdoors for a brisk walk or run.

Additional exercise is also on the agenda, with the biohacker completing a vigorous P90X workout that focuses on resistance and weight training.

He then relaxes by having a schvitz in a sauna and doing up to 45 minutes of meditation.

To fuel his body, the sexagenarian has a workout supplement shake before a breakfast consisting of one green banana and a chia nut berry bowl.

However, Pascoe is flexible with his routines, saying: “If something should come up that would interfere with performing one or more of them, I don’t stress out about it. While it’s awesome to have good structure and discipline, some of the best things in life occur spontaneously!”

He adds: “My ‘me time’ is extremely important to me, so I schedule for it, but I will not pass on an opportunity to spend quality time with others. As a single guy who lives alone, I’ll trade that workout, sauna session or biohack for connected quality time, every time. A single day of missing a few routines will not kill me.”

Bryan Johnson
Bryan Johnson, 46, is another biohacker who has made headlines for his elaborate routine, which reportedly employs 30 doctors. Bryan Johnson/Blueprint

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