The Cluelessness Of CNN’s Chris Cuomo Is Astounding In His Comments On Rep. Matt Gaetz

Cuomo goes off the deep end in criticizing Republicans but is all crickets when it comes to his brother Andrew and his NUMEROUS scandals

Credit: CNN


Chris Cuomo dug into the sex scandal surrounding Florida Republican Representative Matt Gaetz on his Tuesday night broadcast, but only on the surface, because, according to Cuomo, that’s basically all that matters on the left.

If he was a Democrat, Cuomo said, “he’d be a dead man on the left. Because it’s all about optics.”

“This is a party that will hang with Matt Gaetz—and I’m all for due process—but he’d be a dead man on the left. Because it’s all about optics. But here, they stick with him, they stick with the QAnon kook, and they kill Liz Cheney. So, if you’re a moderate, if you put your toe in the pool… aren’t you a dead man walking?”

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