Canada Proposes Legislation To Limit Free Speech, Making ‘Hate Speech’ A Crime

If enacted, first-time violators could pay up to $20,000 in fines


Canada’s Liberal Party, led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is proposing new legislation to make online hate speech a crime.

Under the proposed law, unveiled Wednesday, hate speech could be punishable by as much as $20,000 in Canadian currency, or roughly $16,250 in U.S. currency, for a first offense and up to $50,000 Canadian or $40,600 U.S., for a second offense, according to Reuters.

“These changes are designed to target the most egregious and clear forms of hate speech that can lead to discrimination and violence,” Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada David Lametti said Wednesday, according to the CBC. “They do not target simple expressions of dislike or disdain that pepper everyday discourse, especially online.”

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