Class System: Vaccine Mandate In Canada Creates System Of Segregation, An Apartheid State

Medical apartheid in Canada today cares not about race, but about whether an individual has received the correct number of injections of the experimental mRNA vaccine.

Credit: The Post Millennial


Medical apartheid is upon us. Canada now has two classes of citizens, the Vaccinated and the Unvaccinated, each with a different set of legal rights.

I anticipate howls of outrage at comparing South Africa’s racial apartheid to Canada’s medical apartheid. People will argue that the former was based on evil racism, and that the latter is based on public safety and solid science.

Apartheid (Afrikaans for “apartness”) was the South African policy of racial separation, enforced by law, in place from 1948 to the early 1990s. All South Africans were formally designated as being “black,” “white,” coloured” or “Indian.” A citizen’s legal racial status had a huge bearing on where she or he could live, work, move and simply be. Non-whites were legally prohibited from entering and using public facilities designated for whites only.

Apartheid permeated all aspects of society: trains, ambulances, hospitals, schools, unions, swimming pools, fitness facilities, theatres, cinemas, restaurants, and hotels. Non-whites were required to carry official government-issued documents to authorize their presence in areas reserved for whites. blacks were excluded from working in white areas, unless they had a pass, issued only to black persons with approved work in one magisterial district.

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