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Germany: Newly Released Government Data Shows 95% Of Omicron Cases Are From The Fully Vaccinated

Yet people all over the world still are made to believe that COVID vaccines work

Credit: The National Pulse


Over 95 percent of reported cases of the Omicron COVID-19 variant in Germany occurred in fully vaccinated individuals, according to a new report from the federal government.

The paper – published December 30th by the German agency the ‘Robert Koch Institute’ – included information on the vaccination status of 4,206 individuals who contracted the latest variant of the virus.


Four thousand and twenty people who reported contracting Omicron in the study – which equates to 95.6 percent of total cases – had received at least two doses of COVID-19 vaccines. Twenty-eight percent of the Omicron-positive group had also received a third dose or “booster” shot.

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