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Hypocrite Or Clueless? Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Says Countries Turning Slightly Toward Authoritarian Leaders, Never Mentions His Own Actions

Trudeau never mentioned his authoritarian attacks on truckers

Credit: The Post Millennial


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau contradicted himself Friday, when he gave a speech at the Ukrainian community of Etobicoke, Ontario. In his speech, Trudeau lambasted the new trend of authoritarian governments rising up.

The Prime Minister discussed the “slippage” in our democracies, while seemingly unwilling to discuss his own authoritarian crackdown on pro-freedom Canadian truckers—an inquisition against his own people, pursued with an unprecedented activation of the Emergencies Act on the freedom protesters.


“We’ve come to a moment that quite frankly, we’ve seen coming over the past years,” Trudeau told the Ukrainian community in Etobicoke.

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