Ottawa Officials Say City Is Under ‘Siege’ Amid Nationwide Truckers Protest, ‘This Is Madness’

City says it needs a ‘comprehensive plan’ to end protest, reality says all they need to do is acknowledge peoples ‘freedoms’



Ottawa Police Services Board held an emergency meeting on Saturday afternoon, but failed to devise a clear plan of action regarding truck drivers and their supporters, who have been protesting against the country’s Covid-19 mandates for over a week.

“We are on day eight of this occupation. Our city is under siege. What we’re seeing is bigger than just a City of Ottawa problem. This is a nationwide insurrection. This is madness. We need a concrete plan to put an end to this,” said the chair of the board, Ottawa City Council member Diane Deans, at the beginning of the nearly two-hour-long virtual discussion.


Ottawa police chief Peter Sloly agreed with her portrayal of the situation, saying that local law enforcement was “never intended to deal with a city under siege,” and decried the lack of resources – and legal authority – to disperse the protest.

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