Report: Israel Responsible For Cyberattack On Iran Nuclear Facility

Credit: Majid Saeedi/Getty Images


Israel reportedly launched a cyberattack against Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility early on Sunday, which have severely crippled the nation’s enrichment program.

The Times of Israel reported that unidentified sources told Hebrew media outlets that Israel’s Mossad security service was responsible for the strike, while the Associated Press noted that news organizations inside Israel “nearly uniformly reported a devastating cyberattack orchestrated by the country caused the blackout.” One local media station said the attacked caused “severe damage at the heart of Iran’s enrichment program.”

The cyberattack, which some Iranian experts claimed could not have been behind the power outage, came only a day after Iranian officials bragged about the nation’s new centrifuges, which expedite the process needed to create nuclear weapons, during Iran’s National Nuclear Technology Day. Iranian officials claimed that the cyberattack was an act of “nuclear terrorism.”

“In the early hours of Sunday morning, the underground Natanz facility suffered an electrical disruption in what was widely speculated to be an Israeli cyberattack,” The Times of Israel reported. “The disruption at Natanz appears to have been designed to counter Iran’s efforts to raise pressure on the United States by amassing greater quantities of uranium and enriching it to higher levels as the two sides negotiate a return to the 2015 nuclear deal.”

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