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Say What You Want About Putin, But He Understands ‘Wokeness’ Is About Reverse Discrimination And Destruction Of Family Values

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the woke culture a ‘crime against humanity’


Russian President Valdimir Putin has condemned the promotion of woke culture in the West, including critical race theory and gender ideology, and has described the latter as a “crime against humanity.”

Putin made the comment last Thursday while addressing dignitaries and reporters at the Valdai discussion club in Sotchi, an annual forum on Russian affairs.

The Russian president severely criticized the West for having allowed woke culture to introduce “reversed discrimination” through critical race theory and the destruction of traditional family values through gender ideology, both of which he compared to propaganda tools used by communist governments during Russia’s Soviet era. He then described exposing innocent children to non-traditional sexual values as “monstrous” and a “crime against humanity.”

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