Swiss Citizens Revolt By Installing Tables Outside Bars, Restaurants In Protest Of Vaccine Passports

Credit: Free Thought Project


Throughout Europe, despite their heads of state promising otherwise, countries have begun to roll out vaccine passports. Under the tyrannical measures, citizens must present proof of vaccination, usually on a smartphone, before being allowed in places like bars, restaurants or social events.

Naturally, this attack on the freedom to travel and socialize has sparked massive backlash by those who do not wish to submit to tyranny.

Last month, when these announcements were made and the passes rolled out in Europe, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in France, Switzerland, and Italy. Many of the protests turned violent as police clashed with the modern freedom fighters.

Other protests, however, did not turn violent and in some instances, police even joined in with the protesters in an ostensible effort to end up on the right side of history.

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