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Video: Hamas Leader Throws Palestinian Civilians Under The Bus, Says Terrorist Organization Isn’t Responsible For Their Safety – Tunnels Only For Us

(Gateway Pundit) A Hamas official spoke with Russia Today last week and was asked why Hamas has built 500 kilometers of tunnels but has not built bomb shelters for civilians. The answer was callously honest: Hamas built the tunnels to protect their fighters so they could attack Israel. As for Palestinians civilians? Let the United Nations (and Israel) take care of them.

An interview clip of the October 27 interview on RT with member of the Hamas Political Bureau Mousa Abu Marzouk was posted and translated by MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute)


A recent Reuters report included video taken of the Hamas tunnels in 2014:

Vice News report on the Hamas tunnels from 2021:

Wikipedia details Mousa Abu Marzouk’s ties to terrorism (excerpt):

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