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Video: This Is What War Looks Like As Israel Pounds Palestinian Terrorists, Rejects Calls For Truce


The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) continued to pound Palestinian terrorist groups on Thursday night and into Friday morning in retaliation for the more than 2,000 rockets and mortars fired at Israel this week.

The rockets have killed at least seven Israeli citizens, wounded well over 500 more, and have hit a school, a hospital, a bus, and citizen’s homes. In response to the attacks, the IDF has launched more than 650 strikes on terror targets inside Gaza — including sites where rockets are launched, terrorist facilities and tunnels — which have killed more than 100 Palestinian terrorists with Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

“In a 40-minute long air campaign which began around midnight, some 160 aircraft dropped over 450 missiles on 150 targets belonging to a network of tunnels dug by the terror group known as ‘the Metro’ under Gaza city,” The Jerusalem Post reported. “Israeli tanks, artillery cannons and troops from the Golani brigade stationed along the border also carried out barrages towards Hamas targets when they came out to attack Israeli targets. A total of some 500 artillery shells and another 50 tank shells were used.”

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