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Video: Watch Canadian Funeral Director’s Riveting Testimony About Fibrous Blood Clots Found In Bodies Of The Vaccinated


Laura Jeffery, a licensed funeral director with more than 27 years of experience, testified before the National Citizen’s Inquiry, a citizen-led initiative that is investigating the Canadian governments Covid-19 policies.

Ms. Jeffery shed light on the parasite-like blood clots that funeral directors across Canada are seeing when embalming deceased individuals who had received Covid-19 vaccine shots.  She detailed her findings and compared it to her years of experience prior to the Covid vaccine rollout.

She also claimed the government was guilty of covering up the deaths of babies, saying they are no longer reaching funeral homes despite skyrocketing in number.

The NCI is seeking to uncover the facts and truth about Covid-19 vaccine side effects and citizens who have been victims of Canada’s strict government policies, including pandemic related lockdowns and vaccine mandates.

Watch here testimony below:

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