Big Tech Gets Another ‘F’ When It Comes To Supporting Free Speech

Social media companies have adopted communist policies

Credit: mrcNewsBusters


Big Tech censorship was even worse in the third quarter of 2021. This was especially alarming considering the platforms didn’t have much farther to fall from their pathetic second quarter grades. Online Freedom on Google, Twitter and Facebook all continued to decline. Once again, this quarter saw widespread censoring of conservative content.

Pro-life activist and head of Live Action Lila Rose said Google banned LiveAction from running ads.

Former Google senior software engineer Zach Vorhies wrote in his new book that Google altered its news algorithm to target former President Donald Trump. The Wall Street Journalreleased the beginning of its “Facebook Files” project this quarter, which produced stories from internal documents damaging to the platform.

The project launched with news that Facebook maintains a “VIP list” of users whose content is not moderated as strictly as others on the platform. And Twitter’s latest transparency report released in July indicated that it had removed nearly 4 million tweets in just six months last year.

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