Disgusting!! Gannett, USA Today Pushed Anti-Asian Hate Long After They Knew Monterey Park Shooter Was Asian

Because racist hate sells and the truth doesn’t matter to the liberal media

PJ Media

(PJ Media) USA Today reported that the Monterey Park, Calif., shooting that left 10 people dead has “revived the fears and trauma” of “anti-Asian hate” for the Los Angeles Asian community.

There are just two tiny little problems with the story: The killer was Vietnamese, and USA Today knew that before it published the story.


Anti-Asian Hate, Monterey Park Shooting

72-year-old Huu Can Tran’s murderous spree began in Monterey Park late Saturday night at the Chinese-owned Star Ballroom Dance Studio, continued at the Lai Lai Ballroom in Alhambra shortly afterward, and ended midday on Sunday with Tran’s suicide.

Tran’s face had been plastered everywhere as the suspect hours before a SWAT team had surrounded his white van and discovered his dead body around 1 p.m. on Sunday. Nevertheless, USA Today went with the “fears and trauma” of “anti-Asian hate” story hours after Tran was ID’d by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department as the suspect.

“The incident,” reporters Marc Ramirez, Jordan Mendoza, and Orlando Mayorquin breathlessly wrote, “has revived the fears and trauma brought on by a wave of hate incidents and tragedies that have struck the community over the last few years.”

You can’t blame the reporters for going with what scared victims experienced in the moment, but hours after the shooter had been positively identified as Asian, you can certainly blame the editors for continuing to frame the story with a demonstrably false narrative.

But then it gets worse. Read this nonsense from the third paragraph:


We don’t know what Wu might have said after the attacker was identified, because USA Today didn’t bother to find out or, if they did, didn’t bother to report it.



Notice that the horrendous Colorado Springs Club Q shooting nearly disappeared after we learned that the shooter identified himself as non-binary?

Because everything must be blamed on racism or anti-whatever “phobia.” Even when there’s no racism or phobia to be found. It’s better for The Cause to stir up fear, hate, and division than to honestly report the news.

According to an MSN story from early Monday morning, Tran had “often complained” to a friend that dance instructors at the Star Ballroom Dance Studio (where he used to dance) had said “evil things” about him.

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