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Fake News: TIME Magazine Gins Up Racism, Declares Exercise ‘Racist’ And A Form of White Supremacy

Liberals publications like Time have nothing better to do than divide the masses with worthless dribble

(100percentFedUp) As overweight people clamor to jump on the victimhood bandwagon by insisting that exercising is ‘fatphobic,’ a recent article from TIME magazine comes out and makes an equally ridiculous claim: exercise is racist.

On Wednesday, TIME published an article by author Olivia Waxman titled “The White Supremacist Origins of Exercise, and 6 Other Surprising Facts about the History of U.S. Physical Fitness.” 


In the article, Waxman writes that some reflections of early 20th-century fitness enthusiasts say “white women should start building up their strength because we need more white babies.”

The article, which claims that exercise in the United States became a trend that began with the goal of reinforcing white supremacy, has been bashed on social media for its almost comical attempt to add to the Left’s ‘everything is racist’ agenda.

Dr. Gad Saad, a professor of marketing at Concordia University and evolutionary behavioral scientist, mockedthe TIME article, saying, “Precisely. The only way to fight against the white supremacy roots of exercise is by leading a sedentary life. Say no to exercise as a means of being an ally to people of color.”

Bobby Burack, a journalist for OutKick, wrote, “The TIME story is certainly the case of a ‘journalist’ struggling to meet their year-end (unofficial or perhaps official) ‘this is racist’ quota.”

Burack also tweeted a summary of the other ridiculous things the liberal media has declared to be racist. He wrote, “In 2022, the corporate press declared exercise, shark week, the lottery, daylight savings time — wait for it — racist.”


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