FYI: These Left-Wing Partisan Hacks Are Reportedly On The Chopping Block At CNN

CEO Chris Licht wants a ‘bipartisan approach’ in replacing many of its current ‘fake news’ hosts

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(Daily Caller) The CNN program, “New Day,” could potentially be on the chopping block as President Chris Licht aims to reform the network’s morning programming.

Licht has aimed for a bipartisan approach in the network’s coverage, which led to the cancellation of Brian Stelter’s Sunday show “Reliable Sources.” Newly-released reports indicate that several prominent hosts are slated to be cut, too.


“I want to acknowledge to everyone that this is a time of change,” Licht reportedly told staffers Friday. “I know that it is unsettling.”

NewsCycle Media President Jon Nicosia first tweeted Friday that hosts John King, Brianna Keilar, Jim Acosta, Jake Tapper, Alisyn Camerota, John Berman and Don Lemon will either no longer be employed at the network or be reassigned to other shows.


A source reportedly told Radar Monday that “New Day” will be replaced with a roundtable-type setting similar to MSNBC’s early program “Morning Joe.”

“Chris comes from the same breeding ground as Zucker: morning television,” the source told Radar. “He wants to establish a popular morning show that sets the agenda for the network each day. He doesn’t want to change anchors frequently. He wants strength and stability — and believes it all starts in the all-important morning time slot.”

“Expect to see either one main anchor, like Joe, or three like Gayle King has on CBS,” the source reportedly said. “They’ll be joined by a roster of ‘friends’ who can add to the morning dialogue — beat reporters, commentators, and people in the know.”

Keilar and Berman, the hosts of “New Day,” are both expected to find different positions at the network, Radar reported. Licht has reportedly considered appointing Tapper to host the new morning program.

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