Liberal Media Starting To Realize Joe Biden Can’t Win In 2024, Have Begun Speaking Out On Evidence Of His Corruption

Once the media completely turns on the president, he’s finished

(Breitbart) The establishment media in recent weeks have ramped up their examination of President Joe Biden’s involvement in the Biden family business.

Though the scrutiny is shrouded in caveats and deflections, it could represent a departure from how the establishment media cover the Biden family moving forward.


The congressional testimony from Devon Archer, Hunter Biden’s best friend in business, appears to have altered the media’s narrative on Joe Biden’s role in the business. Since Archer’s testimony, the media have shifted from reporting on “allegations” levied by Republicans to serious “claims” made by a witness inside the Biden family’s inner circle.

The first example of the media’s change in tune came from Washington Post columnist Henry Olsen, who published an entire article noting his shift in perspective towards the Bidens’ elaborate scheme.

“I have long dismissed the Hunter Biden story as an irrelevant sideshow, but recent revelations have changed my mind,” Olson wrote. “There’s more than enough evidence to merit a thorough investigation of President Biden’s involvement in his son’s business dealings.”

Olsen cited Devon Archer’s testimony as one of the greatest reasons he changed his mind:

In a second instance, Atlantic Magazine columnist Sarah Chayes published an article Wednesday that blamed Joe Biden for permitting the family’s “access-peddling business.”

“The biggest problem with Hunter Biden’s access-peddling business may have been that his father, the president, thought it was fine,” she wrote. “For a president and a political party whose brand stresses integrity, that’s a self-inflicted wound.”

Citing Archer’s testimony, Chayes highlighted the elaborate business operation the Bidens conducted:

A third example of the media’s altered tune came from NBC News. Joe Biden, who is reportedly “consumed” with his son Hunter’s scandals, angrily dismisses White House aides who believe Hunter Biden’s controversial history might politically hurt his father, NBC News’  and 

“Those close to the president have given up trying, even in the most gingerly of ways, to explain to him the potential political fallout,” the report stated:

Even as some outlets published a few critical articles about Joe Biden, the media overall continued to defend the Bidens.

Hunter Biden receives worse treatment from the Justice Department (DOJ) than an average citizen in his position, New York Magazine’s Ankush Khardori claimed in a 1,500-word article.

Khardori argued that recently appointed Special Counsel David Weiss victimized Hunter Biden because the prosecutor succumbed to political pressure. Republican lawmakers manipulated Weiss’s team with IRS whistleblower leaks, which “strongly suggests that Biden has been treated worse — not better — than typical people in his position,” Khardori claimed:

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