Mainstream Media’s Evening News Buries New Polling Showing Biden’s Negative Approval Ratings

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On Wednesday, Quinnipiac put out a brand new survey that revealed that President Biden had grown even more unpopular as issues that used to hold him up crumbled beneath his feet.

But instead of telling their viewers of Biden’s unpopularity, as they would with former President Trump, the broadcast networks’ largely ignored them. Two of the networks dropped their coverage Thursday evening after mentioning it in passing that morning.

Neither of ABC’s flagship newscasts, Good Morning America and World News Tonight, have shared the new polling data with their viewers. And between CBS Mornings and CBS Evening News, only Thursday’s edition of Mornings gave it any airtime, clocking in at 10 seconds. There was a similar disparity on NBC where the Today show gave it 13 seconds while NBC Nightly News ignored it.

Instead of reporting on Biden’s floundering poll numbers, World News Tonight spent part of both their Wednesday and Thursday evening coverage on the weather. And as for the Thursday evening broadcasts from CBS and NBC, they each celebrated a Texas judge baring the state’s new pro-life law from being applied (ABC did this too). They also worried about hit getting appealed to a conservative judge.

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