Media Gets Slammed For Its Outright Bias In Coverage Of Republicans Use Of Filibuster That Blocked Election Reform Vote

Certain media outlets continue to prove they can’t be trusted to report important politically related news

Credit: Fox News


Senate Republicans blocked Democrats’ election reform bill on Tuesday. The vote was to move forward with debate on the bill, but it failed to receive 60 votes needed to overcome the filibuster.

While the vote was celebrated among Republicans who blasted the bill as a “partisan power grab,” news publications adopted Democrat messaging with slanted headlines that largely cast the Republicans against “voting rights.” Back in June 2020, Senate Democrats used the filibuster to block Republican Sen. Tim Scott’s, S.C., police reform bill.

News publications failed to mention the Democrats’ use of the filibuster in headlines and often labeled the legislation as a Republican bill. When it came to Republicans blocking Democrats’ voting rights bill, news publications didn’t give the same party identifier to the legislation.

Axios used the headline “Senate Republicans Block Democrats’ Sweeping Voting Rights Bill,” for Tuesday’s vote, but when Democrats blocked the GOP police reform bill, it framed the vote as Republicans failing to gain Democrat support.

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