Media Yearns For Positive Covid Vaccine Stories, Even In The Face Of Death

Credit: REUTERS/Ammar Awad


As experts extol the life-preserving qualities of Covid jabs, a news story has claimed that the condition of a man who perished from the virus could have been worse had he not been vaxxed, kindling philosophical debate on Twitter.

The metaphysical social media chatter was triggered by national media coverage of the recent death of Texas native Patricio Elizondo, a diabetic who suffered from heart problems. After Elizondo fell ill in early August, his daughter suspected that he may be suffering from a resurgence of congestive heart failure. The 76-year-old was soon hospitalized after he began having difficulty breathing – a common symptom of heart failure, which can lead to fluid building up in the lungs causing shortness of breath.

But doctors said that a chest X-ray revealed that Elizondo had actually caught Covid. He passed away on August 3 due to lung damage caused by the virus, a cardiologist who treated Elizondo said.

The Texan’s age and medical history placed him at high risk for contracting a severe case of coronavirus – but the fact that he was fully vaccinated caught the attention of local, then national media.

Aside from being fully inoculated against Covid, Elizondo “rarely left the house, was always masked up, and even wore gloves,” Yvonne Rodriguez, the daughter of the deceased, told San Antonio news station KSAT. Although she said she couldn’t understand how her father caught the virus, Rodriguez stressed that she felt the vaccine had still been helpful.

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