New York Times Destroyed Teenager Over Use Of N-word But Completely Silent On Hunter Biden’s Use Of It

If a story doesn’t fit their agenda, the NYT won’t reported on it

Credit: Law Enforcement Today


They don’t call it the “lamestream media” and “fake news” for nothing. When it comes to media outlets which have become a parody of themselves, there are numerous contenders. However, one of the leaders of the pack has got to be the New York Times.

The latest journey into journalistic malpractice comes to us concerning the latest bombshell revelations that being a flaming racist isn’t restricted to only one Biden, that being the current occupant of the White House.

Apparently, the family cokehead, Hunter Biden gives him a lot of competition for the title of the most racist Biden. Of course, if you’re a reader of the New York Times, you wouldn’t know that.

The Times has been silent on the issue, not even crickets. Silence. That of course wasn’t the case last year when the Times took it upon itself to dox and ruin a young cheerleader who said the “N-word” in a viral video, Breitbart News tells us.

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