Politico’s Misinformation ‘Hit Piece’ On Clarence Thomas Backfires, Forced To Admit COVID Vaccine Remarks Were Total BS

This is what the left bans others for on social media

Source: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

(TownHall) So, this is misinformation, right? Should Politico be banned? Should they be demonetized? That’s the penalty for doing this, yes? At least I thought that was the rule. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is the jurist the Left loves to hate. They hate him because he’s conservative. What kicks it up a notch is the fact that he’s black. In liberal America, blacks cannot have independent thought. They certainly cannot hold the conservative views Thomas holds about the Court, its role, and the Constitution. I’ll go even further that some of the hatred stems from the fact that Thomas is married to a white woman, Ginni Thomas, who is also another fixture in Republican politics. He goes against everything a black man should be in America in the eyes of the Left. As the Supreme Court handed down three big losses to the Left this term, they’re gunning for him. On abortion, guns, and the EPA, the Left lost.

It’s ‘fix bayonets’ time, but liberals missed their mark on Thomas’ remarks about the COVID vaccine. It was a case that was denied a writ of certiorari that was based on a lawsuit by health care workers against New York’s COVID vaccine mandate on religious grounds (via Politico):


Yeah, but that’s not what was originally reported here:


They’re just so desperate to destroy this guy that they’re lying again. It’s Donald Trump all over. It doesn’t matter if the story is true or not. A noble lie serves the greater good. It’s a sick mindset. It’s also made the media industry even more of a clown show. In fact, the Trump game got replayed with Cassidy Hutchinson, a supposed top aide to then-White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, alleged that Trump tried to hijack “the Beast” and drive the presidential state car to the US Capitol on January 6. That didn’t happen. The agents involved who were with Trump in the car have refuted that claim, adding that they’re willing to testify under oath shredding this lie.



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