Un-Reliable Sources: CNN’s Brian Stelter Whitewashes Chris Cuomo Firing Timeline, Fails To Mention Cuomo’s Lies, Sexual Assault Accuser

CNN rarely tells the entire truth which is why viewers have left in droves

Credit: Fox News


CNN’s left-wing lackey Brian Stelter offered a very limited “timeline” of the events that led to the firing of its scandal-plagued primetime anchor Chris Cuomo, omitting key details while recapping the in-network drama.

On Sunday’s installment of his poorly-watched media show “Reliable Sources,” Stelter kicked off the program by telling viewers he was hoping to explain “what happened” with his fallen colleague and “how it came to this point” while broadly acknowledging CNN management had previously “supported him all year long.”

However, his so-called “timeline” only began Monday, the day the New York Attorney General’s office released documents from its investigation into ousted Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, revealing Chris Cuomo’s role in helping his brother went far beyond what he told his viewers.

In reality, Cuomo’s scandal goes far as back as March 2020 when CNN first allowed him to interview his brother and glorify his response to the coronavirus pandemic. The series of chummy interviews included prop comedy and discussions about the Democrat’s potential prospects for higher office all while the governor’s nursing home scandal began brewing.

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