Untrustworthy Partnership: YouTube Plans To ‘Certify’ Medical Professionals With Approval Of Politically-Oriented WHO, Other Suspect Organizations

Applicants for certification must fall into line with the “authoritative sources” which is a joke if you consider some of those same sources were found to be wrong about masks and Covid-19

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(Summit News) YouTube has announced that it intends to allow medical professionals to become ‘certified’ as ‘reliable’ and “authoritative sources” in a fresh attempt to restrict so called ‘medical misinformation’ (anything that doesn’t match the accepted narrative).

In a blog post, global head of YouTube Health Dr. Garth Graham wrote that “YouTube Health has been working on additional ways to help doctors, nurses, mental health professionals and healthcare information providers to bring high quality health information into the spaces that people visit throughout their day – like their favorite video-sharing app.”

The post outlines that anyone applying for the certification must submit their medical license, and follow “best practices” criteria for health information sharing set by the Council of Medical Specialty Societies (CMSS), the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

The post acknowledges that those bodies were directly involved in the scheme and “developed these principles outlining key aspects of info sharing.”

The post states that applicants for certification must also have an account in good standing with YouTube and adhere to other criteria.

“In the coming months, eligible channels that have applied through this process will be given a health source information panel that identifies them as a licensed healthcare professional and their videos will appear in relevant search results in health content shelves,” the post states.

The move is just the latest effort by YouTube to crack down on any medical fact or opinion that doesn’t jive with what the selected ‘authorities’ have decreed.

Remember that YouTube censored Joe Rogan’s interviews with cardiologist Peter McCullough and vaccine expert Dr Robert Malone, as ‘medical misinformation’.

YouTube removed all content that questioned the received acceptable opinion on COVID vaccines.

YouTube censored viral videos of doctors questioning the sanity of lockdowns. It is now beyond question that lockdowns had massively detrimental effects on health, the economy and society as a whole.

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