USA Today Fires Reporter Who Wrote ‘Fake News’ Stories, Other Liberal Outlets Should Do The Same

The liberal media is full of reporters who pushed the fake Trump-Russia collusion story and called Hunter Biden’s laptop a ‘hoax’ without no investigation

Source: AP Photo/Chuck Burton

(TownHall) If you screw up, you make edits, admit the errors, and move on. It’s okay to be biased. It’s okay to attack. There’s a host of media outlets that do this daily. It’s an entirely different story when you make stuff up, and then make more stuff up to cover up the stuff you initially fabricated. The lie grows into another lie until it spirals out of control.

At USA Today, there apparently was a red flag raised in one of the pieces by Gabriela Miranda which prompted an internal investigation. Like Stephen Glass at The New Republic, Miranda reportedly fabricated over a dozen stories. She deceived investigators and manufactured evidence to support her fake news habit.


Miranda resigned from the paper yesterday. Some of the people interviewed by Miranda could not be verified. The game was over, and now she’s out of a job (via NYT):


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