While Youtube Is Busy Banning Political Comments From Conservatives, They Just Allowed Liberal Ethan Klein To Say That The NRA Conference Should Be ‘Bombed’

Youtube is only about ‘free speech’ when it fits their narrative

Not The Bee


This is a perfectly normal and reasonable thing for one of the most popular YouTubers on the planet to say, yes?

“Someone should bomb that building.” Just a casual statement about committing a mass terror attack against one’s political foes. Surely that doesn’t go against any cOmMuNiTy StAnDaRdS of every social platform on earth, right?

What the heck is wrong with you, H3H3? I mean besides all the obvious stuff?

Here’s the extended clip where he tries to walk it back, but not really, evidenced by the continuous chuckles and code language for violence:

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