2020 Census Results: Dramatic Change Includes Fewer Whites, More Asians, Hispanics

Credit: REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz


Newly released data from the US Census Bureau show the percentage of white Americans declining sooner than demographers expected, while Asian, Hispanic, and Other categories are on the rise. Most Covid-19 deaths weren’t counted.

Data on local population changes from the 2020 census was released on Thursday to states, for the purpose of redrawing congressional districts. It was met with something close to glee by establishment demographers and corporate media.

“The country is changing dramatically,” William Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institution, told the Washington Post earlier this week, in anticipation of the official numbers. Estimates showed the white population decline happening eight years earlier than demographers anticipated, due to “the opioid epidemic and lower-than-anticipated birth rates among millennials after the Great Recession,” he added.

Whites are expected to fall below 50% nationally by 2045, Frey said. For now, there are 204.3 million of them, or 57.8% of the total – a decline of 8.6% since 2010. Another 31.1 million people identified as white in combination with another group.

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